Most pebbles are buried under many layers: have you found yours? Are you afraid that you are stupid?

Most pebbles are buried under many layers.

We go back in time, find the incident that is the most likely that created your pebble: your key to survival, and yet, the emotions don’t respond.

How do we know that we got to the “real” pebble, not a coverup, not a fake to distract us from revealing the whole mechanism, but the real one, the one that makes you a puppet on a string, never winning, never achieving competence, security, joy, happiness, and fulfillment that could be your birthright?

Last session (I am learning as we go… I didn’t come out of my father’s head with the knowledge, guys! If anyone claims they did, they are teaching you Tree of Knowledge stuff, not the real deal!) a few more people popped. Popping is what I call it when you get to the hidden treasure.


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