Who is my ideal client and to whom I talk when I write?

I am still in the middle of the Avatar series on Netflix. And although some of it is cringe worthy, especially Sokka who alternates between forcefully, compulsively trying to be funny and be forcefully and compulsively dominating, and forcefully and… you get the gist.

What I am trying to say is that good series have consistent characters and you can learn an awful lot about life through them. About people. About yourself. About good and bad. Life.

You are learning through living about life? Even the ancients knew that was not possible… you are too close, you have a vested interest and your view is skewed… so no, the ancients didn’t have Netflix but they did have storytelling, fables, etc. and their job was the same thing: to learn about life.

Stories, parables, fairy tales… yeah. Well constructed, for the purposes of teaching.
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