Deception: do you have any way to tell if you are being deceived or not?

Innocence: they are still surprised at deception. You are hiding it because you want to be right and admitting that you are a fool makes you look bad!

Personal notes: I am a teacher of transformation. I am a seller of my own courses and energized products. My products work, I use them, and I watch people who use them like a hawk. When something doesn’t quite deliver, I work until I find what’s missing, and provide it.And I am poor. Not quite penniless, but definitely poor.

I live in a small city, in a two bedroom apartment with one other apartment in the house, downstairs.

For the most part I am fine, the downstairs neighbor, 80% of the time, is OK… but when he isn’t, I suffer, and I suffer mightily.

It would be ideal for me to live in a cottage, so I can be far from people… but, of course, the money that all my brilliance is able to generate isn’t going to cover the cost of that upgrade.

This article came as a result of my musings how come I won’t ever get rich with my wares, and how come that teachers that teach crap are raking it in…

I am not bitter about it, by the way, this is just how it is, and I am well. As long as muscle test says “continue” I’ll brave the circumstances.

Most sales (of anything anywhere, including food, shelter, etc… but especially in the domain of self-growth, spirituality, abundance, and the other non-tangible areas of life) are based on deception. Sellers are either personally deceiving people, or “institutionally”, meaning that they are selling something that people think will do something for them, but they didn’t learn it or get it from them…

Let’s deal with both of them.
Individuals deceiving you, selling you snake oil
The first is easier: the seller knows that what they are selling is worthless or harmful. They know it by using it themselves and not getting the results, and getting to witness the “results” on their customers.

They know that they are deceiving the public. They use testimonials that don’t show the long range results, only the placebo effect: the longest time anyone having or using the product is a few days at best, or the results and the product have no cause and effect relationship.

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