Attracting Money… the Vibration of Money what is the vibrational frequency of money

what is the vibrational frequency of moneyIt was an email in one of my throwaway email accounts, an email from Stephanie Mulac. She claims that she can cause you to have a vibrational jump, so you can too attract money to your heart’s desire.

So I checked her vibration, and it is 100… Like 70% of humanity… So maybe she is bathing in money, but 70% of humanity doesn’t… 100 is the average vibration on the planet right now.

I understand you want more money. It seems that money is the solution for all that ails you: boredom, directionlessness, your weight, your low income, your drudgery called your job, if you have one.

The other day a dude came to one of my webinars from this very article. He is in pest control, but he wants to be a big guy, if I remember correctly, he wants to own a music agency and make a killing.

You too, you say? That is why you are asking about the vibrational frequency of money. Because you read somewhere that like attracts like, and if you could become like money, you could attract money. Right?

This video is about creating high vibration so you can have what you want, not just a big ego:

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What you read is b.s. Someone is trying to sell you something.

Money is an exchange value. Unless you have some value to trade for it, value for the buyer, money isn’t going to be exchanged.

Of course if you are employing the lottery approach to life, you want to win money, find money, then you are at the wrong place: I teach people here to have more value to trade, to be worth a damn so they can do more, be more contribute more. Earn more.

The vibration of money, the smell of money, the color of money have nothing to do with it. Their vibration, on the other hand, is a good predictor how much money they will make.

The higher vibrational frequency you have, and it’s a number, the higher earning power you have.

I measure this number. And to help people to see where and what they need to focus on, i.e. what’s missing so their vibration gets higher, I provide and measure a whole slew of numbers, called the Starting Point Measurements.

Because just knowing one number is quite useless… you have no idea how to raise it from just one number.

The vibrational frequency of money, aka what is the vibrational frequency of money

Interesting question, but more importantly, it is interesting to speculate what people are really asking.

So I spent a few days pondering this question: what kind of people were asking this question, and what were they really interested in.

You see, the question can be a great question… if I, or someone like me asks it.

For the past 63 years I have been a “contributor”, meaning I gave away my energy, my brilliance, my efforts to many people, many charities, organization, both time and money. Mostly un-asked, unappreciated… I am going to stop now. I am going to keep my money, my efforts, my brilliance for myself, and will only trade them for equal value (value to me.)

WTF, you ask. Let me explain.

My various discipline teachers (Kabbalah, Landmark, Pam Ragland, The Secret, etc. etc. etc. to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars of my money) have been teaching me that what activates The Light (meaning the energy) is me giving away money, without any self interest, with the right mindset. What would be the right mindset? They told me that the right mindset is to give it only for the selfish purpose of activating the light.

The more difficult for me to give the money, the more the light will be activated.

I did that for years. I gave away the money that was needed for my business, for my living expenses, for study, for years.

The result: nothing.

I just finished reading the book “Atlas Shrugged” and finally I understood what was going on.

The teachers were using the mystical mindless brainless mechanism that had been planted by “civilization” that is surviving plundering, looting, destructive ways only with the help of dumbing people like me: into no thinking, no reason, magical thinking, and guilt.

Here is the truth: money is a means to exchange value. That’s all it is, and money can only come to you two ways:

  • 1. through you providing a value that another person is willing to exchange their value (money)
  • 2. by looting, mooching, stealing: giving nothing in return to the value I want, wish, need, beg for.

Now, it is true that you need to be in vibrational harmony with money if you want to have it. But what does it mean?

But what is the vibrational frequency of money?

Money is a stand-in for value, in a value exchange.

That means that if you want to receive money, the amount of money you can earn (not loot, not get as alms, but earn) you need to be a producer of value.

And that means that first and foremost you need to get into the vibrational frequency of being a producer of value.

I see, you are not interested in that? You want alms, mystical money flying from some mystical realm? Please stop reading now, I am not talking to you.

I am talking to people who are interested in earning their money, earning their life, enjoy producing and are proud of the product of their mind or their hand or both.

If you want a shortcut, read The Science of Getting Rich… you can download it here… The Science of Getting Rich pdf

In that book Wallace D. Wattles says that you need to have something of value to offer for people’s money.

And then he adds: you can get to being able to offer value by working in a certain way, on the creative field (not on the competitive field).

So these are the elements of the transformation that I see that you need to go through:

  • 1. you need to give up mystical-magical thinking and accept that exchange of value is the cause, and money is the effect, and therefore wishing and wanting can’t be a cause
  • 2. you need to groom and educate yourself to be able to conceive, and produce something of value. You can do it in your present employment by applying yourself and your mind fully, as it is taught in the book above, in the chapter of the Certain Way.
  • 3. You need to remove all character flaws, all thoughts of envy, laziness, competitiveness, wrongful pride, wanting to use other people, anger, vengefulness, victimhood, blaming, etc. just to say a few of the ways you are not in vibrational harmony with being a producer: which is the only way someone can create money from nothing.
  • 4. You need to weed out the sentiments that you inherited that makes money evil. You can’t expect something to come to you that you hate or fear or despise…

I know, I know. This article will please only those of you that are already, at least partially, on this path, at least partially in vibrational harmony with money. But that’s OK, it is you I wanted to talk to. It is you that will need my services.

It’s taken me 63 years to go through this process alone. With me as your guide it will take you much less time, less mistakes, less suffering, and you will be sure you are on the path, so you won’t waste your time suffering, doubting, seeking. And that saves a lot of time when you are definitely not in vibrational harmony with the money your seek. Also, read my footnote: the vibrational frequency of money [note]Money, as the paper that the Federal Reserve Bank prints and loans to the American government, has a vibrational frequency of under 150 on the Map of Consciousness. It’s a lame vibration.

If the statement: like attracts like worked verbatim, the weak, the lame, the lazy, the sullen would attract that money, like fly paper attracts flies.

But there here is the thing: 1. there is no such thing as “the vibration of money”. There is vibration of thoughts, actions, consciousness, philosophy, emotion, etc. but paper is not carrying the vibration of the words written on them.

A book’s vibration can be measured two ways: the paper or the content.

The paper is an inanimate object with the level of vibration of such, while the content is like a radio station, broadcasting at a certain frequency. Same is true for movies. It is the thought that has the vibration.

To look at money differently, you need to state that you want to measure the vibration of the thought that created the value, and that is a whole different ball of wax…

If you want to vibrate on the level of value, your first step should be turning your thought processes, habits, philosophies that support death to thoughts and decay into thoughts, habits, philosophies that support life, the planet, LIFE.[/note]