Why Did Jesus Choose To Die Rather Than Live?

We had a revolutionary meditation this morning. (I started this article on February 4… five months ago)

Revolutionary comes from the word, revolve, and it means something that was up goes to the bottom, and vice versa.

Our meditations are not visual, no visualizing at all. You connect to Source, I download some activators, I witness what Source and the Light does, I report, and when the spirit so moves me, I comment, I report, I am like the game announcer… I tell you bit by bit what’s happening.

This is what was going on this morning.

Another little bit: I am connected to everyone on the call, but I am always connected more intimately to the people I have a relationship outside of these calls: there are only a few of those.

And I use their emotional reactions to gauge what is going on overall… across the board.

Today’s meditation was not soothing. It was the Light working hard and the people blocking it hard.

Once the meditation was over, I was starting to feel the feelings of my two people I was strongly connected on the call… not fun, not fun at all. They didn’t receive what was said too well. I felt that we may lose at least one of them.

What was said on the call was an important milestone: it was much like breaking the bad news to a sick person: unless you do this and this, you are going to that and that…

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