You may consider yourself generous, but you are, probably…

I am working on starting the Soul Correction Coaching Program again… Both individual and group coaching. I am also thinking of writing a “book” on Soul Correction

Since I ran it last time, I managed to learn a lot. One of the things that I learned that people want your time and attention more than what you are selling… or what you think is the best you can give.

The joke in which the guy takes his car to the auto mechanic because the engine runs unevenly. The mechanic looks at it, ask him to add some gas, and then takes out a big hammer, and gently taps a spot under the hood. The engine suddenly is running smoothly.

The guy asks for the bill, and it’s 500 dollars. The guy, upset, yells… Five hundred dollars for five minute work? Oh, you want a detailed bill… here you go: Five minutes troubleshooting: $1, Knowing where to tap with the hammer: $499.

Now, what is most important to get, is that the guy with the car got what he paid for, and yet he is unhappy. He’ll share the injustice with anyone who is willing to listen. Why?

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