Does The Heaven On Earth Work For People Who Want To Lose Weight?

Does the Heaven on Earth work for people who want to lose weight?

Warning: This is a real long article. And although it only seems to talk to people who want to lose weight, it has principles for life everyone can use, so don’t give up too soon.

Warning #2: This is a stream of consciousness article. I needed to sort out something for myself, and I did it in writing to “poke the box” and force Source to release missing information. It’s an adventure, you can come and poke with me… OK?

This question came up because a friend of mine got invited to Dr. Oz’s show . He is going to talk about Ayurvedic cleanse to cause massive weight loss.

I know he uses it himself to manage his weight: for 5-10 days he eats nothing else but a soup made of mung beans, a kind of lentil, and Indian spices.

If it were just that he eats nothing else but that soup, it would be natural that he loses weight, because there are almost no calories in that soup.

So on one end it’s a starvation diet. But the herbs must do something more than that, because he comes out of it vibrant looking.


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