The core influence exercise of Frank Kern

This post is a summary of the presentation of Frank Kern about Core Influence.

This is really powerful EXERCISE for everyone. It will definitely change the way of you relate to yourself and your life.
What is your Core Influence?
When you interface with “your crowd” core to core… heart to heart, and this is what you want them to do… interface with you heart to heart… If you do that they will do almost anything.

How to make lots of people do almost anything

There are 2 “easy” steps:

Know what you REALLY want and who you REALLY are.
Know what your crowd REALLY wants and who they REALLY are.

Most of the people have two versions of themselves. The identity they walk around in every day (it’s called the Shell Identity) and the identity they really WANT (that would be the core identity and is considered the TRUE identity).

So what is core influence?

Most influence is done on the surface. That means I speak to you, you hear my words… and your brain uses logic to comply or not. Your response is based on logic and emotion. That would be a surface level or head-to-head connection.

But there is also the CORE level to communicate. In this case, your real self speaks to another’s real self. So the number one job is to find your real self.

With proper guidance, the proper inquiry, your “subconscious” will create a new CORE identity for you and this identity is what will speak to your crowd on a CORE level. And when you identify the CORE identity of your crowd and can communicate with it, you will have much more power and influence than you ever thought is possible!

Discover your CORE identity
Our deepest real desires give us clues about our core identity. For example why are you here reading this blog post?

Maybe you want to make more money…. but why do you want to make more money?

This exercise can immediately give you focus, direction, and it can literally lead to replacing your shell identity with the REAL you!

When you are able to communicate from this core place, you are centered, stable and focused.

This total clarity magnetically attracts “matches” and causes you to be exponentially more persuasive. Plus, you just might stumble into a new and better reality:

Before doing this exercise, Frank had thoughts about Porsches, Ferraris, Private Jets, time freedom….

But this attracted “wrong” customers, built the “wrong” business, sabotaged money making opportunities… made him buying things with his money and then worried about the things…

After the exercise, he got rid of the non-fun businesses, the non-fun customers and he got paid a fortune to make fun videos for his friends and help them get rich by helping others… sounds better, right?
Now before we begin you need to be aware of the following:
Goals and Things are irrelevant! Setting goals and wanting things creates an internal s
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