Activation, activator download, full activation, activating the Original Design, activation of th 10 billion nadis all refer to the same thing: human being was designed with dormant circuits that can only get activated if a human, in a perfect two-way communication with Source, commands it.

I was given this information a few months ago, bit by bit, circuit by circuit, and then, on July 24, 2011 I was given permission to command activation of the total activation, not just for one person, but whole countries, whole regions.

I have been, since then, going country by country, asking source if I am allowed to activate a country, and if yes, if the country accepts the activation. If both answers are yes, I activate the country.

If the second question is “no”, I ask if there is a way for me to change the status quo. If yes, then I fill the country with the Creator’s unconditional love, and then activate the Original Design for every person in that country.

There is a small percentage of people, about 7% at this time, that have a “contract” with the Dark Side, and don’t accept the activation.

In individual cases I can team up with loved ones of the person, or the Creator, and bring those individuals back to the Light.

Bigot religious people, extremely abusive people, are the ones on the Dark Side.

Religion is a Dark Side phenomenon. Including religion like the extreme righteousness of Chinese, or some extremely egotistic people, like Tr., who think themselves beyond needing activation.

My vibrational frequency was at 795 when I got the OK for the planetary activation. I was the 5th person to be activated. My vibration jumped to 805, and got really sick for about 10 hours.

Tr. was at 600… after 4 days he relented. His activation has been really dramatic: his vibrational frequency fell to 395, he has been talking like an obnoxious self-important despot…

On the other hand, Master Gopal, whose starting vibration was 605, accepted the activation immediately, his vibration jumped to 615, and, just from observing him, he had a quiet, silent mind, and an even strong power.
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