Attunement is like entrainment, except that it is a permanent change in your makeup, even changes your DNA.

It is much like using a tuning fork: the sound can shatter a drinking glass, a mirror, if the vibration of the drinking glass or the mirror are close to the vibration of the sound of the tuning fork.

Spiritual masters have been attempting to attune their disciples by satsang, which is a passive mode of attunement. The results have been dismal.

In my “implanting” version of attunement I am using strong Source Energies, that are able to bridge larger gaps in vibration, so the results will be better than dismal… i.e. there will be at least a few people that attain to the energy, attain to the higher vibration.

I will make this entry a growing one, so far I have distinguished divinity, caring, and feeling loved as missing from the blueprint of humanity.
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