DNA is a programming device of cells: it contains all the information about the whole organism and the final and perfect execution of the program… much like a set of blueprints contain every aspect of a building, from walls through air conditioning, every part.

The DNA only controls the hardware of a human being: the software, most of it, comes from the environment, the culture, the decisions one has made.

We could say that the DNA provides the equipment, but it is still up to the individual user to use the equipment to its full potential or not.

A normal laptop can be used to check email, and maybe browse a few webpages. Or it can be used to run complex computations that solve the problems of humanity. Same laptop, same equipment, but very different usage.

Human beings’ equipment, especially after the DNA upgrade of September 5 2013, is used, maybe on average 2%.

If we ever want to live like a real Human Being, and Expanding Personality, we need to activate and use the equipment more and more.

Traditional education, traditional family structures, society discourages this: a person who can think for themselves is a danger to the structure that is solidly based on authoritarian rules: do not rock the boat.

This way the people that want to rule all of society for their dubious gains are running amok and running free.

I am on the side of the New Humanity. The upgrade of the “equipment” is step one in our path to it… an important step but in no way determining.

I may not be the one leading this “revolution” to reclaim independent thinking, freedom, just like Moses wasn’t the one to make sure the Israelites would live in a manner consistent with their break from the slavery of mediocrity and authoritarian thinking.

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