Soul correction

Soul correction is a word from Kabbalah, a five thousand year old oral tradition.

In modern terms, your soul correction is the particular machine, script that runs your life aground.

It’s the strings you are jerked around with, like a puppet on a string.

Your soul correction is calculated from your birth date. Why your birth date would have anything to do with it? I don’t know, I only know that it does… I have worked with thousands of people and I haven’t had anyone who didn’t fit the picture perfectly.

This is brand new, and as I work with more and more people, in groups and one-on-one, I get more and more intricate details every day. I know loads more today than I knew years ago when I started offering this service.

All soul correction is hard: because it requires you to “own” and “own up to” your strings… and then it asks you to succeed in life WITH those strings. Without this there is not growth, only forcing, manipulating, and ultimately failure: dissatisfaction with life, no fulfillment, and emptiness.

When you do your soul’s work, the soul correction, life opens up for you, and you come alive. You become effective. Your life becomes fulfilling.

Not instantly, but eventually.

You can calculate your soul correction number: I have a pdf for you.
You can ask me to do it for you for a small donation

You can join one of my groups to get support on what you need to do specifically… for example, the 67 step coaching.

Here is an article of mine that is quite detailed explaining the work of the soul correction.
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