Do people want to get smarter? Do YOU want to get smarter? What do you think it would mean to you?

These come up as questions, because… hell, because I don’t know if they do… If you do… Do YOU?

I don’t think currently living humans appreciate what that question means, I don’t think YOU know what being smart entails.

I think you think that smarts are only

to win in computer games
finish homework fast… or maybe even skip doing it… after all smart people just get it! this used to be me…
entertain and impress people at parties
if you have little kids… get them to go to bed earlier… that needs smarts, somehow
if you are still in mating age (I am not), get the other want to have sex with you… or if you are tired… be appeased faster
get to understand the instructions at work, for DIY jobs, for many thing… understanding is the key word
oh, and let’s not forget about remembering stuff… that would make you really smart, right?

And yes, those results all need some kind of smarts.
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