Energy healing: how does the Big Bundle energy know what to do?

If you have been reading my articles… daily, for at least a month, you know that I have been working on extending my life by repairing in my body what has gone wrong. In the case of my body: everything has gone wrong.

For the past two years or so I had been declining to the inevitable conclusion about six weeks ago, that I was dying.

I still feel twinges of self-pity and sadness as I am writing this, even though in the past 32 days my health has dramatically turned around.

The main cause of the turnaround is an energy. The secondary cause is a very stringent diet decided moment to moment…

The energy is a knockoff of an energy healer’s “product” plus two other energies. Why three energies packaged in one audio? So it cannot be attacked by the Dark Side. What is the Dark Side? It’s people. Do I know who? It’s about three billion people… so no, I don’t know them.

This energy has been doing repair and cleansing in my body and my brain for a month now, and until just now I just allowed it to do its work, have gone through healing crisis after healing crisis, without questioning, doubting, inquiring…
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