More about Desire and Ambition…

Desire is a mental energy. It is impossible to desire something you have not imagined or seen. So desire is comparing an image of something and the way it is, and that gap is what is called desire.

Now, desire has this imagination element, that shows the object of desire, the finished “product” as if it were already there. And therein lies the mischief.

The path from the present moment to the ready is long and arduous, unless it is as easy as making a cup of coffee… when you have coffee, water, and a coffee maker.

But most things are not simple, and only happen over time.

Here is an example:

A few years ago I started to provide water for the birds. I live on the edge of a small wild woods… a few acres on the side of a hill that is too steep to build on. We have deer, skunks, racoon, badger, lots of squirrels, and a ton of birds.
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