I don’t know if you know the feeling…

…when someone, finally, out of the blue, comes into your life and gives you what you haven’t been able to get from anyone, even though you have been trying and trying and trying… in vain.

And then you feel love. No, I mean LOVE… if I could I would make the letters as big as a house. Love. really.

You see, my soul correction, “Forget Thyself” instructs me to listen to someone smarter than me, so I don’t have to learn everything the hard way, but, of course, listening to the instructions is not part of my soul correction, in fact the opposite of it.

So all my life, all the 72 years, I have been a somewhat dumb person, making mistakes of my own design, all the while hopping for someone I can trust to guide me.

It is true that I have Source… but I also wanted a person…

My linchpin issue, my CASE, the next boulder to scale, is “no matter what I do.

Before a breakthrough you’ll have immense suffering

“There are people who take the heart out of you, and there are people who put it back,” wrote author Charles de Lint. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, your heart will encounter far more of the latter than the former types of people in 2020. There may be one wrangler who tries to take the heart out of you, but there will be an array of nurturers who will strive to keep the heart in you — as well as boosters and builders who will add even more heart.”

It’s been hard to be me.
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What to do if you are part of the 70% of humanity who are…

What are good questions to ask of me? tons, actually, but here are a few I just thought off looking at some of the pictures customers send me:

What is the cause of the bumps/blemishes on my face?
What is the cause of my bad breath?
What is the reason I have plaque on my teeth? In my arteries? In my brain?

And the question I want to talk about today is:
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