40% of humanity never learns… But why? Hint: They are not stupid…

I have some students who are not keeping up with the other students. These students don’t learn. So much so, that after a whole year, they are still at page 1 or page 2 of a class… that is 100 pages… Of course there are no pages… but pages express more what I want to say than percentages.

It is the middle of the night: I got up to write this article, because I got the insight that has been missing.
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Jacob’s Ladder: Learning is humbling. Learning says you didn’t know… Courage and humility are needed…

Learning is humbling. Especially humbling is learning about yourself, and learning about your need to change

Your Precious “I”, (whether you believe it or not, whether you know it or not, the precious “I” is in every single person,) and it wants to have and retain the self-image unchanged, the self-image that says you know everything. It wants to keep the self-image where it is superior. Where you are OK.
It is easier to see it on others than on yourself.
Every learning means that you, by necessity, that you didn’t know something.
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