As a man is, so he sees

The idea that you can get smarter needs to get clarified.
Why? Because people cannot see smart, cannot see how smart shows up, cannot see… anything other than themselves, how THEY are.

I talk to a few people every week. And I can tell that the way they see me is in comparison to themselves. Not as a person on my own right… no, they see me in the same picture as themselves… and they measure… hell, they measure, relentlessly, and guess what? I always come up short… or at best the same as them.

And we are talking about all kinds of aspects, levels of education, smarts, good/bad, etc… and yet in every aspect that is the case. This is how the homo sapiens machine works.

“Einstein? maybe he was lucky, but surely he was not smarter than me!” They say in their heads.
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