Understanding your diagnostic assessments

I had an interesting and diagnostic experience yesterday

I linked to a page on my old training site in the article. It is free to see that page, but you need to register as a free member. So the link took you to a page said: you need to register.

One person logged in and watched the video. Accidentally or coincidentally, it was the same person who connects successfully and has been for many years. He also had the intention switched on…

The rest said, ‘Oh well’.
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Why your spiritual practice isn’t raising your vibration

I get a lot of people ask for their vibrational reading.

The feedback I get is their life experience matches my experience of them, and the vibration I say they are at… but they are puzzled that in spite of all the spiritual work they do or have done, their vibration is so low.

As I am preparing for the first session of the workshop, Playground, it hit me why.

No matter what you do, meditate, chant, firewalk, etc. unless your speaking changes you won’t rise on the vibrational scale.

Positive thinking, the controlling your speaking in vogue, encourages you to lie about your life, about what you think and what you feel.

It is at the vibrational level of lie… you can gather it is very low.

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On Authority, Or What I Learned From My Brother

On Authority, Or What I Learned From My Brother

My eyes are swimming in tears. Tears of recognition, tears of happiness.

Why am I so happy, you ask? Because I have turned a corner. A big one for me.

My brother, six years my junior, lives in Hungary. We were never really close. No one was close in my family. Holocoust survivor parents, all carrying memories of personal and racial horrors in their cells.

You never knew when they would blow up on you… it was totally unpredictable. I learned last night what’s the mechanism: I am 65 years old and I hadn’t known. Wow.

I last saw my brother in 1995. He came to visit me and he stayed 2-3 weeks, I don’t remember how long. He’d just sold a house he built and was now building another one, and had a sudden cash influx; that’s how he could afford to fly over to me.

At the time I was a magazine publisher and quite ill. He had headaches.

Whatever you want to do, you can do it better with intention

Whatever you want to do, you can do better with intention

Sounds like an advertising, and maybe it is.

An emasculated, disempowered human, of course, can’t even fathom that they are ‘created’ powerful.

When I ask people in my circles if they feel powerful… they don’t.
Powerful means: able to make things happen.

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What is the Playground coaching program? Why is it special? It is really a mastery course

The Playground is a one of a kind program, the like of which I have never experienced. We should call it Mastery Course…

We have seen that the main issue that holds humans back from becoming Human Beings is delusions.

Delusion is misjudging what is real and what is not.

Unless you know what is real, all your actions are going to be misdirected, and it’s a miracle if anything every get done well around you, if you ever go to places.

Although the level of delusions becomes less as your vibration rises, the cause and effect relationship is reverse: as you see delusions for what they are, and reality for what it is, your vibration can begin to rise, and rise and rise.

In the Playground you get to practice telling apart reality and delusion, under strict guidance. The only rule for the program is to listen to the guidance. I will create as many displays of the ways to tell those two apart: reality and illusion, so is becomes easier and easier.