It’s the words. The WORDS! Don’t you get it? The words!

Humans see the world through words… and then get trapped in single words that cause the world to be a dark dank place… No one wants to call home.

What would have to happen so that on this dark Monday morning you suddenly get how this human condition works, below the visible?

And if you got it: What would you do? What would you do if you got that you live your life through words and more words? Not any words, mind you, but powerful words said with power…?

Wouldn’t you flock to the schools, the teachers, to the gurus who can help you learn wordcraft?
Wouldn’t you suddenly want to read? Stories of people who got it, stories of people who live it?
Like I did.
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From My Correspondence: Get out of the hole…

from my correspondence:
Dearest Sophie,

Hello I have to tell you that I am in highest gratitude to you for all you have done for me. The first two times I did the webinar I followed instruction to the t and I was connected and you said I was but not so much but the third time in the healing meditation I really felt the light filling me and filling me again and the warmth in my hands. I need to practice on the ego more and my soul more. Have not tried the triangle yet.

The short time I have been listening I feel inspired and a new breath of life and I kinda feel a turning point is just beginning.

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I am personally offended… How can they do this to me?

I am personally offended… How can they do it to me? How dare it rain on my wedding day? How dare my husband lie to me? How dare my son pee in his bed?

What drives this thought process? Is it personal pride? Wrongful Pride? Ego? Self-importance? What is it?

If Ego is not what we were told it was, then where does “personally offended” come from?

I am sitting at my computer. It’s a beautiful day, Saturday. Suddenly a I hear a car horn urging someone to do something. Then again.

I feel the corners of my mouth curve down: I am personally offended. They are honking and it bothers me. They don’t behave the way they should: shut the f… up. Respect my peace and quiet.

Yesterday a plumber did some work in the downstairs apartment. He didn’t air out the pipes and it broke the my water filter when the air and water came rushing out in bursts instead of steadily flowing

What is the deepest reason for your procrastination?

If you watched me long enough, you would probably swear that I am a procrastinator. I plan to do things, maybe I even write it down, maybe I even schedule it, and then I don’t do it for a long time, maybe ever.

I don’t consider myself a procrastinator:
you need to have a should to be a procrastinator.
By definition, procrastination is not doing what you should be doing. I have no shoulds, even if I said I would do something, it doesn’t live like a should for me.
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The Last Effort… Are you a starter? Are you a finisher? Do you have unfinished projects by the dozens?

The Last Effort…
“The last effort is always the one that matters. So in whatever you do, never give in until it’s over as you’ll never know – you may just turn the whole thing around.” – Jasper T.

My notes: many people are good starters but lousy finishers. They have tons of projects they started. Starting is exciting. It gives you that good buzz.

It gives you bragging rights. But it gives you nothing more.

There are 7 stages to any project, and starting is just one of those. Though it’s an important stage, once it is done, you need to take the project through the stages where heartbreak, worry, anxiety, resistance, yours and the world’s come to break your stride.

Who you are going to be in the face of resistance, stagnation, mistakes, failures, disbelief is going to decide LISTEN UP!

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