How to increase your elbow room so you can dance

In this article I take you through a whole range of emotions to get to a clearing. Just like taking you through a dense forest… But there is a pot of gold in the forest’s clearing… so it is worth wading your way through, I promise.
If you play by the rules you lose

Very interesting observation: British writers, also British films are honest about corruption, about people talking about the rules but not keeping them.

So today I am going to talk about something I have never talked about… In fact I have never thought.
People really don’t know that they are next.

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a webinar is an online seminar. there is a presenter, there is a presentation, and there is an audience. Most webinars are done in a presentation mode, which means that the audience can 1. raise their hands 2. type a question or a comments.

Which means you don’t need a microphone, or a headset.

on MY webinars we use both of those communication methods, raising hands and typing answers. I also feel you, your emotions, your attention, your pain.

That is why you need to come to a webinar to be taught to connect. Unfortunately it in not possible to know what you do behind your closed eyelids, or with your attention inside your head by looking at you. You don’t know it either… unfortunately. Without being an empath I would not be able to teach you successfully either.

Though you can always ask me in an email after your attempt and I’ll know, the best and fastest way I know to be taught is coming to a Saturday call, aka webinar.

Once you know h

Updated: Reclaim your life. When your desire is low your Life Force is Low

Summary: you don’t know who you are, you don’t have access your real desires because of a sinister scheme perpetuated… But it is time you reclaim your Self, it is time to reclaim you Life.

When you ask people to locate themselves, point at themselves, most point at their chest. Why? Because they feel themselves there: most feelings you feel, most emotions you feel are in the chest. Your breathing is in the chest. So it makes sense.

Others hesitate between their head and their chest.

As an empath I can see the discrepancy between what they show, where they point, and where the energy goes.

It always goes to the head, mostly into the forehead, but often to the space under the nose.

About a year and a half ago (Christmas of 2012), in a connection meditation session, I asked the participants to first locate their “Self” and then move it, at will into their hand, belly, and then the Seat of the Soul.

It lead to an amazing insight, an amazing meditation experience, the Av


Activation, activator download, full activation, activating the Original Design, activation of th 10 billion nadis all refer to the same thing: human being was designed with dormant circuits that can only get activated if a human, in a perfect two-way communication with Source, commands it.

I was given this information a few months ago, bit by bit, circuit by circuit, and then, on July 24, 2011 I was given permission to command activation of the total activation, not just for one person, but whole countries, whole regions.

I have been, since then, going country by country, asking source if I am allowed to activate a country, and if yes, if the country accepts the activation. If both answers are yes, I activate the country.

If the second question is “no”, I ask if there is a way for me to change the status quo. If yes, then I fill the country with the Creator’s unconditional love, and then activate the Original Design for every person in that countr