stuck for last minute Christmas gifts? here’ s one for 99c that they will love

need a last minute Christmas gift?

Have you shopped and shopped and still haven’t managed to get a gift for a loved one?

I know the feeling! I have spent hours getting gifts with a special meaning but there was always someone who either seemed to have everything or or I just couldn’t think of the right thing.

But, don’t worry! I have a solution that is good for even a difficult person to buy for

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Learn Kaizen – Tread lightly

In matters of the spirit a little goes a long way.

One of the most puzzling things about Kabbalah has to do with the proportions of worldly to spiritual. It says it is 1%, as opposed to the 99% spiritual. Therefore if you do your job in the 1% reality, then the 99% reality will to its job. It is like putting in $1 to a self improvement fund, and your company would match it with $99. Good deal, isn’t it.

It may be a good deal, but very few do it.

Why? Because your mindset has to be certainty, instead of waiting for it to come, or hoping, or wishing, or at the other extreme, thinking that you can only count on yourself. Or strong desire… or hoping… or “faith”… or praying… or all the happy horseshit gurus teach.

None of those mindsets activate the 99%. Bummer.
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