The 9/11 of Japan, desire to receive for the self alone, A Spiritual Interpretation

End Of Times, The Earthquake, The Tsunami, The Nuclear Threat, Hydrogen Peroxide, desire to receive for the self alone, A Spiritual Interpretation

Why did the earthquake in Japan happen, what about the tsunami and the threat of radiation from the nuclear plant, desire to receive for the self alone? A spiritual interpretation

There are two major attitudes that “humanity” uses to look at an event. Both are desire to receive for the self alone.

1. personal. the question is asked? why me? how did I deserve this? or “father, why did you forsake me?”
2. global i.e. not personal. The tone is blame and “there is nothing I can do about it” “I am not at fault” and the like.

Both attitudes are faulty and driven by ego and a profound misunderstanding of how it all works.

1. On the personal level, though there is karma, there is cause and effect, the cause is s

Get out of your mind, the home of misery and lack of intelligence?

All those courses that teach mind power are teaching you something that doesn’t work.

The mind is a slow, clunky machine with only one purpose: to own you, to reduce you to its own slave.

I am not speaking against the mind: I am speaking against slavery.

You, the conscious you, the Witness, the Observer, the higher intelligence You is the boss… and every aspect of you is supposed to serve the will of that YOU… so what happened?

What happened is that your human enemy started to teach you that your mind is superior… blah blah blah.

So you started to abandon feelings, intuition, instinct, ego, soul, and retreated into the mind, where you don’t have a clue about reality, where you don’t know what’s going on, and where you can never call the shot, be happy, joyful, fulfilled, and all the stuff that life could be about… but yours isn’t.

So while one group of