Generosity, choosing, gratitude

Generosity was one of the distinctions I spent years researching and trying to BE…

It is a tricky way to be, the full meaning of generosity, because almost no one ever is really generous.

We normally equate giving with generosity. Some give stuff, others give praise, some give of themselves.

Most generosity makes the recipient suspicious: what is the ulterior motive?

And rightly so: culturally, human culture, I mean, generosity doesn’t make sense… only trade does. “I give you this, so you’ll give me that.”

And yet, there are a very few people who are actually generous, and they are happy. WTF, right?

Here is another important question: just like with love, whose experience matters, the giver or the receiver?
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I don’t want to be judged! you cry. But YOU judge everything and everyone…

Why would you think that someone will judge you? Simple… you have already judged yourself.

But why would you? Not everyone judge themselves. I, for example, don’t… or not often at all. I often assess myself, my behavior, my looks, my stuff… but assessment does not carry condemnation in it, and it doesn’t carry praise in it either.

What is the difference between judgment and assessment ?

The main difference is fixed mindset.
In judgment, the judging person lives as if there were a fixed good or bad, smart or stupid, right or wrong. And then they act as if they were assigned the job of judging…
So a high fixed mindset plus arrogance, superiority, plus high desire/low ambition numbers.

I have found that people with this combination are unable, unwilling, or resistant to do the work of the Playground.
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Addicted to anxiety, anger, shame, grief, fear, anguish? Here is your remedy…

I am sitting here. My insides are in turbulence. My shoulders are stiff. I am playing Freecell, which is a computer card game, if you didn’t know.

I suddenly have a doubt flash through my being: do I feel tense or tenser because of playing this game? I muscle test it. The answer is a strong Yes.

And this is what this article is about: how you are used to go a level of tension, to a level of anxiety, a level of trepidation, and then you’ll find a way to adjust your environment to raise your anxiety level to the level you are addicted to.

In my case, this is definitely so, but there is another aspect, and I ask my empaths and sensitives, to please listen up: when you are feeling anxiety that you have no reason to feel: you’ll create a reason for it.

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I thought I had the beginnings of Parkinson’s Disease

I wrote this article in 2016…

I intended to write a different article today, but this is too important to wait…

I had neurological issues this past few weeks. I started to be wobbly, words weren’t coming easily, easy words, and then to top it off, I was dropping an egg or two: they just slipped from my hand. Four eggs in one week… NEVER even one before, in 69 years.
I started to muscle-test myself to find out what was the cause of this sudden onset of neurological issues.
The problem with “diagnosing” issues, nearly any health issue, is this: the process is linear.

Linear means that you ask a question and depending on what you get, you continue on a single path.

But… but the question depends on your insights and on your knowledge.
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