What’s the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one?

What’s the difference between a successful person and an unsuccessful one?
This article is really important. If you read nothing else on this site, read this. I’ll do my darned best to make it simple, and to reach your dense brain. How do I know it’s dense? Because successful people don’t read articles like this, or not often. Skinny people don’t read how to lose weight articles either… got it?
If you take two people, maybe even twins, and watch them, their results in life, most likely, be different. Their actions will be different. Their likes and dislikes…

You can follow them 24 hours a day and watch what they do, and you can make it into a book, but you won’t help anyone, because what makes one successful is not in the doing. Not even in the thinking. Definitely not in your speaking… It is much much deeper than either.


Dark Side Part Three: 9 feelings and 9 thoughts… UPDATED

Dark Side Part 3

Showers, walks, drives are excellent times to feel, to allow things to come to you. A time or reflection, very meditative. It’s an emerging phenomenon, the mind is almost dormant.

I went for a walk this afternoon, and by not being busy, neither in body, nor in mind, I was able to observe that

The Dark Side cycles through 9 thoughts and 9 emotions.
You will get hooked by the ones you are pre-sensitized to.

For example, one of the emotions closely mimics heart pain moments before a heart attack.

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Catch A Glimpse: Part Two: nothing is enough proof that you aren’t… and how that tends to take over your life

When you are not something, nothing is enough proof that you aren’t… you can only prove something that is… not the absence of it.

I left off the article yesterday that in preparation to Saturday’s Activate Divinity, I found and integrated a fragment of my self.

Here is the incident how come I lost that fragment:

When I was three and a half years old, I was raped. I was washed up and taken home. My mother heard the story, looked at me, said “you are a whore” and turned away in disgust.

I didn’t know what whore meant, and surely I didn’t know that it had anything to do with sex. I didn’t know about sex. Sex didn’t happen to me.

What I did know is this: in the basement apartment lived a family that moved there, to the mountain where we lived, because their daughter had tuberculosis. The clean air of the mountain is said to cure that.

She wa

Can you grieve over the loss of something you never had?

It’s Saturday and I cancelled all my engagements so I can have some time to clear my head

And then… this persistent inner weeping came up… again.

I asked Source: do I have a reason to grieve? yes. did I lose something? yes. was it ever mine? no. was it love? yes.

So I have been grieving over the loss of something that was never mine, that I never had… so I could not have lost it… and I am grieving nevertheless.

so I ask Source: is that stupid? yes… was the answer.

But what is really happening? I say: the feelings meditations are doing their work.

I had anger for decades… now I have the grief… and when it’s gone I’ll have maybe sadness… and when that is gone, I’ll be free.
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