If you haven’t been feeling well… if your water is losing its coherence…

If you haven’t been feeling well… if your water is losing its coherence…

Here is another example of the limited perspective of the human mind…

I have never really thought of solar storms, solar flares, as effecting humans…

But, it seems, that we have been effected to that phenomenon, us, Earthlings, and it effects our water-filled bodies, and of course our drinking water.

It won’t last forever, so just hang in there.

Hang in there… I am doing the same.

OK, now it is next day, and I have gleaned a few insights:

if you know why you feel like crap, it is easier to bear.

If you are hydrated, on the cell level, it is easier to bear the jerking of the solar energies

If you play the Coherence Audio in your space, the water’s coherence isn’t lowered that much… and you can be more hydrated.

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If it is all a process, then every single person needs…

If it is all a process, then every single person needs to create a transformational ladder for themselves.

A transformational ladder is a process with milestones… Step zero, step 1 result 1, step 2 result 2,…. end result.

The map of ascension… Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, as many transformational ladders as many processes.

None of them are a straight line when looked back at, and yet, in the planning: all seem to be a straight line.

You do this and then you do that and in the end you’ll be a millionaire… That is how it looks on paper…

If it were that simple and easy we would all be millionaires… and it would be boring.

Just look at school… same ladder, different end results. Some become professionals, others become taxi drivers… Not that there is anything wrong with being a taxi driver… but I bet most people would like to be higher on the food chain.

In this article I’ll l

Do affirmations work?

Why do I keep saying that affirmations don’t work?
And how about afformations? And how about subliminal suggestions, etc. etc. etc.

If affirmations worked, I would be long a millionaire. And many of the people I know, that are still struggling.

This is what I know about the development of false beliefs… and if my theory is correct, my theory proves my point.

I want to say though, before I start explaining my theory, that I have found a methodology that in the hand of the right practitioner can do miracles.

It is called Theta Healing, and it can eliminate a false belief in about 30 seconds, from the time of pinpointing it. This is what I am using now, both for myself and for my clients.
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My own unstuck myself technique I use as many times as I am stuck, or see a client stuck

…Whether for myself, or for a client, whether in health, wealth, relationships, or spirituality…

The method has been asking a different question.

A different question unstucks your fixed view of the world, the fixed view that gives you what you are struggling with.

If you consider that everything you have now, is the result of what you know/what you see, then if you want to make any change, big or small, you have to turn your eyes away from what you know, and look around.

This is, by the way, why walking is so useful for high achievers: when you go outside your eyes naturally look at more than just what your mind is focusing on… and you have a chance to unstuck your view.

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