If You Can Master One Thing, You Can Master Anything

Master your fears
The opposite of fear is not courage, not fearless… it is abundance. And Abundance is mastery.

Most people’s life is not about living, not about being, not about doing, but about having… and they associate abundance with having.

Wanting makes you wretched. Because your “ground of being” your iceberg below sea level is about desire… but unfortunately desire is like a leaky pail… you can’t fill it, you cannot keep it filled… So life becomes about wanting…
And wanting is about lack…
No amount of having fixes that you don’t feel good about yourself. No amount of having fixes that your attitude about life is that it is wrong… etc.

There is no such thing as abundance, abundance is a concept, and we can make an agreement what meaning will constitute abundance and fulfillment. Abundance and happiness. Abundance and health.

So this is not a physical truth, this is an empirical truth: having lots of stuff is not abundance, it’s just a lot of clutter. Ask me, I know a lot about clutter.

In the world of concepts there is no opposite to fear… other than no fear…

But if you go below the surface, you’ll find that no abundance can be achieved without dealing with fear…

Here is an article by a coach I don’t know, I probably don’t agree with about anything else… but this article is pretty good… 🙂

Abundance Mastery and Fear
by Andrrea Hess (personal vibration: 130)

At least once a week, I receive an email from a client or student who is convinced there’s something deeply “wrong” with them. The reason for their concern? They are terrified of moving forward and it’s stopping them from taking action in their business.

I have to be brutally honest here. There’s nothing wrong. Being absolutely terrified is a completely normal part of the journey. I’m not talking discomfort – I’m talking debilitating fear that takes our breath away.

Here are the normal issues we encounter as expanding entrepreneurs – and I am not exaggerating!

The thought of sending out a marketing email has us curl up in the fetal position, unable to move.

The idea of picking up the phone makes us crawl back into bed and pull the covers up over our heads.

We wake up at two in the morning, our minds racing, the fear of failure so much greater than the desire for success.

Bouts of crying, anger, and desperation arise at least once a week, twice if you’re really going for it.

This is normal, folks. Being petrified doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you. It just means you’re an entrepreneur who is increasing their income. In fact, if you’re feeling good and comfortable all the time, you’re probably not growing your business. You’re probably busy, but not productive.

Most people actually invest most of their money and energy avoiding the terror barrier – by taking more classes, by doing research, by shopping for yet another teacher or mentor or marketing method, by doing a bunch of networking with a lo
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