How Self-Awareness is the Key to Happiness, Effectiveness, Intelligent Decisions… The Sideways View

Note: I could not find any pictures that would illustrate this principle or distinction, sorry. The illustrations are for simple self-awareness, or self-delusion, but they are funny… so enjoy. Sophie

I thought I was going to have a domestic day, you know laundry, dishes, stuff… and watch myself, my emotions, and have a good old time.

It’s Saturday, and the weather is gorgeous. My neighborhood is even prettier in the fall than in the summer: you can see far and the contrast of the blue sky and the rusty color of the leaves is really beautiful.

The thought: “I could actually be happy” cured and hung in there for a few minutes. I made myself a nice cup of tea, and checked my email.

There was a note there from Youtube that I have a comment on my “Why are Jews smart?” video, so I went to check it out.

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