It’s Too Late To Dig A Well When You Are Thirsty or Shall I Pray That Hitler Comes Back?

It’s Too Late To Dig A Well When You Are Thirsty

If Hitler had asked the Germans to connect to Source: would they have done it?
If the Pope asked the Christians to connect to God: would they do it?

My uncomfortable hunches say: no. Humanity IS sheep, sheep hellbent to be lead, hellbent to be slaughtered. Pretending that it isn’t.

At this point in time less than a thousand people actually connect to Source. So it isn’t a vibrational issue: the vibration of the planet is rising, steadily. At last count, more than 10,000 people are at a vibrational frequency of 299. Up from the original 100.

I am starting to believe that in the Original World, The Vessel was so overwhelmed with the amount of light it received, because the connection was one-way.

The Light made a mistake in the design. It didn’t design The Vessel to have the desire to connect to The Light.

The seven billion people on the planet, fragments of The Original Vessel still don’t want to connect.

Oh, when they are in trouble, when they are in danger, they say, Oh God, please help… or something to that effect.

In a strange 20/20 hindsight way, I can see that the holocausts of humanity could have been “emergency drills” and training camps.

We failed to recognize them as such. The onlookers were doing hoo, or ahh, and did nothing. The “participants” “the victims” of the slaughter did equally nothing, they just said “woe is me” and then died.

I don’t mean to be disrespectful here, though I have a real hard time holding onto respect, given what I am seeing. My mother and father’s whole family (with rare exception) died in concentration camps of the Nazis. I was born after the war, so I had some stories to illustrate this sheep behavior:

My mother found a way to save her family. A wealthy industrialist who was manufacturing war equipment, was given a quota of 200 Jews to save. But there was no room for stuff, only for the people and a blanket each.

My mother went back to the camp where they gathered the Jews before they shipped them off to Auschwitz and Buchenwald in cattle carts and told his father that they could all be saved. Her father, a lawyer, told my mother: “You are stupid, you go. we are staying.” The Nazis put that whole camp in cattle cars next day, and they all died in Auschwitz. Only my mother survived. Talk about who was stupid. My mother was never emotionally healthy after that.

That is too little too late. It is too late to dig a well when you are thirsty. You need to start the digging way ahead.
Because connecting, as I said, isn’t innate by design, you need to discover it, you need to nurture it, practice it, grow it, fall in love with it, experiment with it.
Imagine Planet Earth with one thousand dispersed individuals who survived the horrors.

What are they going to do? I am past child-bearing age, my legs hurt, I need YOU to be there and continue Life, intelligent life on this planet.

Even my Pioneers don’t connect on their
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