Push or pull, inspiration or motivation or ambition?

As you know I am dyslexic. Very dyslexic. Reading even my own articles online is nearly impossible.

Today I got an article in an email where Andy of bugfree fame talks about the difference between motivation and inspiration. I could grab a sentence here and there… but I really could not read the article. But it’s been knocking about in my head, and I want to share with you what I experienced, and what opening I see for myself, an opening I have never seen before. I put the whole article in the footnotes… the article I could never read myself…

It is related to the “supposed to” article I wrote earlier today, so make sure you read it again.

Here it goes:

You can push someone or you can pull someone. What pushes and what pulls can be created by yourself. By what you want… and yet, when you are pulled, your experience is completely different than when you are pushed.

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