Addicted to The Law of Attraction? Manifestation? The Law of Attraction teachers and their vibration

Law of Attraction, manifestation, and other voodoo stuff has been around for about 10 years, or at least that’s when I first heard about it.

The teachers of this voodoo stuff share one thing in common: their vibration is low and their vibrational shift as a result of the Activation of the Original Design is slower.

Wow, how does that make sense?

Well, it is not very intuitive, but I trust that you will understand. And maybe some of these teachers will read this article and change some of their ways.

It seems that this Human Game is all centered around The Deal. The Deal? yes, from now that’s what I will be calling this ground rule agreement that we didn’t know we made.

The Deal:

You can get anything you want from Source on the condition that

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