You have a gossipy relationship to life, and to your life

When I look at how people live, I notice an interesting thing: people have a relationship with their life I could best call gossipy.

They talk about it, they complain about it, they wish it were different, but the one thing that would make a difference, own it, they don’t do.

This is, I think, is the result of millennia of brainwashing.

In the beginning there were planetary events, that often became catastrophic. They came fast, they were impossible to interpret correctly, and they wiped out the population of countries, entire species, brought about floods and ice ages, starving, and epidemics.

Life was not in your hand, at the time, you were thrown about like a pebble, and with about as much care, by nature.

It makes sense to me that humans wanted to make sense, wanted to understand why those things were happening, so they made up stories by the look of things, a whole parallel world of gods battling it out in the skies, while the unfortunate humanity was reduced to watching it and suffering as collateral damage.

No human could change the heavenly storms, poor, rich, educated or not educated, all fell victim equally.

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