Our story viewed as a detective story. Who put us on the path of self-destruction? And how can we return to the original path?

Let me share with you how I get to bombastic statements like that: I have been going through some soul searching, and it’s been rough.

Working on two projects is upsetting the apple cart, which doesn’t feel very good, but is really good for me.

Unless you put yourself into a challenging situation, you have the illusion of growth, but it only becomes real when you are forced to use what you got… And then you know what you have… Like K., one of my students who is going on a 10-day visit with her mother and other relatives that have traditionally driven her crazy. We shall see if all the work, if all the activators, if the HOE long range will have created a new K. or not. And if not quite, what have we accomplished, and what more do we need to accomplish so she can have a good time, no matter what.

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