Reframing… She is a person! OMG.

Refraiming, or looking at things in a different context is one of the tools you have available to you when you raise your vibration.

Ultimately, the most accurate description or definition of higher vibration is that the vibration number expresses the height from where you look at events, ideas…

The higher you are the less personal it becomes.
The higher you are the less the desire trap will rob you of being able to see that A is A…
The higher you are the more options you see.
The higher you are the more you can see what bigger thing you can accomplish while you are taking care of things…
And of course the higher you are the more ready you are to look at things through different frames and actually see something different.

Some of these new frames, when you first get to look through them, are dramatic. Upsetting. Revolutionary.

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