Activation Journal Days 7-15

Activation Journal Days 7-15

It’s been two weeks.

The world had 100 people at or above vibrational frequence of 299 (Gratitude) when we started and now there are 111.

I accidentally pushed my vibration up to 830… then it fell back to 825. There is no anger at 830, but there is at 825. I felt angry today… lol. I don’t mind. Maybe 830 is the level what others call enlightenment? I’ll let you know.

I have learned more in these 2 weeks than in the 64 years previous.

I have “known” over 5 billion people intimately… been in the shoes of all those countries, experienced their despair, their cockiness, their sadness, their helplessnes, their resignation, their pride, their hopes, removed dark side attachments, pockets of internal parasites… quite an emotional roller coaster.

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