Journal Day 6, Entire USA Activated

I dealt with Dark Side intrusions all day. Finally I decided to cloak myself and stay quiet. Invisible, undetectable.

In the evening, after hours of procrastination, I activated the entire United States. I checked the vibration. 143. It will be interesting to see how fast or how slow it changes. And this is after activation of New York on Monday, and New Jersey yesterday. Very low… no wonder.

Central America was next. Starting vibration around 130.

China took a long time. They also had a very active first chakra region… but instead of animalistic, like India, it was aching. I don’t know what that is about, felt like it was reduced with a regulation… like in a mental institution: the patients are be drugged so they don’t act on their sexual urges. China starts at 120.

I went back and checked India. It is 100 today. I can only imagine how low it was yesterday when it started.

Oh, the whole world’s vibrational frequency is 102 today.

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