Transform your relationship to money… Currently it is unrequited love… or maybe you are a jilted lover?

Your relationship to money is much like your relationship to love… Your personality, timid, have given up, resigned, cynical, taking it for granted, ungrateful, forceful, trying to hold onto, possessive, greedy, jealous is running your whole life, but especially these two areas, love and money. And your current reality in those two “arenas” is probably ugly.
This article and the Money-Course it announces has been long in the waiting. I’ve known for a long time that everything ANYONE is teaching on the market nowadays is bs… but I myself didn’t know what would make a difference… so I was waiting, and working on my own money issues in the meantime. I had a breakthrough this past week… and thus I got ready to write this article
Here is an email exchange from this morning, abbreviated:
Customer: What is my vibration?
My answer: Your vibration is 120. I recommend the Heaven on Earth or the HOE Long range to raise your vibration to the level where my activators can work for you…

Customer goes and buys the Effortless Abundance… ignoring my recommendation.

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