Increase Your Confidence by Fully Activating Your Original Design

Increase Your Confidence by Raising your Vibration As part of my effort to support you in realizing your potential with your new fully activated self, I recommend that you watch this Star Trek, The Next Generation episode: you’ll be surprised how similar the phenomenon in this old movie is to what happens in real life once you are activated.

The only difference is: this is permanent. The one in the movie was temporary. Enjoy.

Star Trek Episode “Nth Degree”

When you increase your vibration, you’ll see a significant increase of intelligence, grace, harmony, a certain sense of invulnerability and certainty. When you increase your confidence as a result of activating your Original Design, you will increase your confidence to new levels without arrogance, or getting conceited.

You will need to re-learn to live life on this higher level… but your increased confidence and intelligence level will help you in that.

The first few activated people have raised their vibration by 50% in one day. Not bad for a one-minute process… heh?

When you know what happened, you will increase your confidence even more… as it is shown in the movie above.

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