What is the difference: I get to shovel the 10 inch snow… and I have to shovel show?

In my weekly coaching call with my only business/marketing student last night, I went deep into the causes of why someone with a degree, why someone who is making a living, cannot move further up the life-satisfaction, life effectiveness scale.

I have found two blatant holes in him, that my guess is shared by all of you, or most of you.

1. a total blindness of what gives meaning and therefore the mood for life.
2. a total inability to see what is cause and what is effect.

So how do you fix that? You don’t.

When you find something that isn’t working or isn’t working as well as you’d like it to, your knee jerk reaction is to fix it. Or change it. Or stop doing it.
But unless what you found is seed level, you can work till the cows come home, and you will only produce pretense, but not a change.

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