What is the most important thing to practice?

If I were you, participating in my programs, I would ask me what is the most important thing for you to practice and maybe even bring it to mastery.
When I look at the people I have the opportunity to observe (not many), what I see is that they are mastering in:

resistance and
tish-tush. (avoiding responsibility)

The second word is Hebrew. It means that whatever you do you do to make it unclear to the observer that you don’t know, that you don’t care, that you don’t want to be called to account.

I don’t think it is very important to be called to account about past actions, past behavior, past anything. It is done and gone. The law says different, but Life is a lot more forgiving… if you did something horrid, or embarrassing, or stupid in your past… Life doesn’t care. The Statutes of Limitations of limitations is a legal term, not a life term.
Life is more interested in what you are doing now, and what you are committed, what you intend to do in the future.

So free yourself up, and say: The past is real. But the only thing that makes it predictive is if my behavior stays the same.

Society wants you to feel remorse for the bad stuff you’ve done… And that glues your eyes to the past, to the backdrop, and not surprisingly your behavior follows.

So, remember, the first thing is ‘see’ and everything follows after that. See in your mind’s eye, see on the backdrop, see it in reality… seeing is seeing.

I have a favorite saying by famed management guru, the ‘father of management’, Peter Drucker. He said somewhere: Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.

I just looked it up… and it was Henry David Thoreau who said that. No matter who said it… that is the best quote to serve you.
Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.
Why? Because your past is all on the backdrop and it’s been your backdrop that kept you who you are, what you are. Resulting in you being miserable, resistant, and doing a version of tish-tush.

Instead look who do you intend to be? What do you intend to do? Really.

And for that you really really really need to master turning on your intention at will. Not hoping to turn it on. Not turning it on when I am watching. NO. For your own sake, for your own future… learn, practice, practice more, all the way to mastery.
Isn’t it more important to do what would make you money, earn you respect, more customers, more something?
No it isn’t. You see without something changing nothing will change… and without something on the seed level changing, nothing can change on the above-ground level. Cannot.

I know you are dumb and I know you don’t agree. I know you are sure that you can change the future by doing different things…

But what you have never accepted is that unless the seed level changes, the how and ‘to what end’, nothing will change, even if the actions are different.

You’ll continue doing everything to look good and to survive.

To be
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