Put a high vibration person in a low vibration environment?

What happens when you put a low vibration person in a high vibration environment? Will their vibration rise?

Is vibration like water? When you mix hot water with cold you get tepid water? No… environment doesn’t effect your vibration… only what’s inside does.

And what happens when you put a high vibration person in a low vibration environment? And don’t be mistaken: environment is only people. What makes an environment low vibration is people.

Deserts, ruins, etc. are not low vibration apart from the residual energy people have left.

Because, of course, everything vibrates, yes. But that is not what we call vibration. What we call vibration here is consciousness… and that is an entirely human phenomenon.

Everything ‘they’ say about vibration, raising your vibration on the internet is simply a lie, an attractive sales pitch… NONE OF IT IS TRUE.

Anyway, back to the question: What happens when you put a high vibration person in a low vibration environment is what happened to me in the coaching program I was kicked out of… recently. And then yesterday I was kicked out of my mobile app… Cancel culture…
What decides a person, what decides a program’s vibration… ultimately?
Many things, but I will go out on a limb, and say that the ultimate decider, the ultimate factor is the intention.

Whether the person or the program is based on desire to receive for the self alone (evil) or the desire to receive for the sake of sharing.

It is entirely possible to have a different intention in different areas of life… So this is a scale between 1 and 100, even inside the same person.

The ultimate measure that indicates the degree, I think, is to what degree you and your concern occupies your cone of vision, your visual field, your conscious awareness.

And your intention will be based on what you see when you look.

To the degree you want to muscle everyone under your thumb…
The degree you want to be right
To the degree you want to look good
The degree you have contempt for others
To the degree you design your activities to serve you and only you

The intention.
In yesterday’s Prison Break session we went deep with this intention.

Not accidentally, no one in the class knew that intention is an energy. Intention is like a third arm, and can move mountains.

You move it, you operate it with your brain… It springs from the back of your head, where your visual processing center is. Look it up.
Intention is the organ of causing.
Causing what belongs to you. Your will, your discipline, your self-confidence, your declarations, your whole life…


I don’t teach anything that you can use to harm or force another. I also don’t give myself permission to use energies like that, moves like that, and I won’t teach you either.

But I know about energies like that… I am so old I have tried a lot of things. Including influencing the behavior of a softball team… and much much
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