The backdrop method of building a new, more effective Self

Just because your brain can do something doesn’t mean you will
What you WILL do depends on a whole lot more than what your brain can do.

How you will develop the habit to fully use what your brain can do is the question here.

If you live a life, if your habits don’t require much from your brain then your numbers in your starting point measurements expressing this will be low.

When in the movie ‘Defending your life’ they talk about how much of your brain you use… this is what they mean, not what you thought they meant.

Here is one of the universally un-exercised uses of the brain. A use that is needed for anything other than middling.
Seeing a scenario many steps deep before it unfolds.
Unless you habitually use that brain capacity, you are hosed in many activities.

Your brain can… but you won’t even look.

You don’t plan. You don’t keep doing or learning things, because the future disappears, and the inspiration with it. You don’t operate, market your business. You don’t have a relationship that works out. You don’t even plan a meal.

And although you are born with a brain that can do all that work, unless you train your eyes, train your brain, train your thinking, it will not happen.

You’ll attempt to put the cart in front of the horse.
You’ll, as I said above, lose the energy to do anything that builds anything really.
And you’ll do only menial jobs way below your brain’s ability… Because ability is the soil… growing something is what will feed you.

How do I know this?
I have had, all my life, a problem with seeing what comes first and what comes second.

I had jobs, I had projects that needed that ability, but like with everything: you don’t train medical students to perform surgery on live people. They need to do it on cadavers.

So until I buckled down and started to train myself on Freecell, I was fish out of water.

And when I say ‘training myself’ I mean consciously with that specific ability in mind.
My job, when I play Freecell, is to force myself to see many steps in advance.
It’s been slow going. I am an entrepreneur in my nature… and a ‘jumping Jack’…

I start before I even look. That needed to be managed and trained.
I have narrow cone of vision and hyper focus by nature… that needed to be managed and trained.
And I am impatient by nature… and that needed to be managed and trained.

Freecell is a solitaire with a pack of cards. You can play it on the computer or with real cards.

Checkers… ditto. Chess… ditto.

The advantage of Freecell is that you can play it without a partner.

But, this is a big but, you need to intentionally keep the context on training, and not winning, or even fun.

There is an unexpected ‘side effect’ that is as significant as all the above:
You cannot keep the context on training unless you move away from your default backdrop.
Your default backdrop that contains all the bad things about you and their ‘remedy: the pipe
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