The followup to the Weight Destroyer program: from 50% to 70% truth value

The cable tech guy spent two and a half hours at my place, replaced everything, and then realized that it was another tech that came and disconnected my account, on the pole, yesterday. My account instead of the empty apartment downstairs.

I was tempted to get angry, after all what a waste of time, but then I thought better.

In the almost 24-hour long downtime I finally finished the pdf I promised you if you bought the Weight Destroyer program… so now I can give it to you, and maybe even do a call-in: that is if there are enough takers. I will give you the book that will raise the truth value of the Weight Destroyer to 70%. It’s really high. Most things sold on weight, health, money… anything really, are mostly under 10% truth value, so 70% is like god is talking to you directly… lol.

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