The real meaning of real life events

Oops, this was published by accident… although I love it, I am not sure you are ready for me giving it to you straight like this… lol.

This will be, probably, a growing post… so I will republish it every time I add to it.

Marriage proposal: (the real communication:) I finally want to be in the position to tell you what to do: to tell you to stop doing the things you want to do, to stop seeing the people that support you, and tell you to start doing the things I want you to do, and start seeing the people that support me in telling you what to do.

I also want to take you for granted, stop courting you, stop pleasing you, stop complimenting you… I am tired of earning my keep. So, would you marry me?
Mother driving their offspring to practices, etc. What seems to be happening is a good mother wants to participate in their child’s life. What is really happening is

–self-sacrifice: I am taking care of you therefore I can’t grow, take care of myself, have a life of my own.
–mother on phone talking to someone else: the real communication: I’d rather be somewhere else, talking to someone else, because I don’t consider YOU (the child) a person, only as luggage. I even consider you deaf, and will talk about stuff I know you should not hear… but who cares!
–I’ll post more as I see more

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