Is it smart to ask questions?

People don’t ask me enough questions… they just go and do what they always do, with blinders on.

When they do ask questions, (some ask hundreds of questions!) the questions are not good questions. Good questions would guide them, bad questions keep them square in their box.

How do I know? I watch people… I go to my google account and check how people got to the site and start thinking: what would they ask if they were smart enough to ask a question. What would they do if they were smart enough to ask a question.

I don’t mean to put people down, I only mean the state they are in when they arrive. Blinders on. In their box. Mostly in an upset. Mostly fused with a problem, or with a “solution” to a problem.

This is how 99% of the readers of this blog arrive. Arrive imprisoned in their box.

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