What is it that you can’t see that if you saw it you could, finally, become happy?

I am republishing this article, because distinguishing is the most missing thing for humans at this day and age.
When I test people in the starting point measurement, the number that relates to this is the clarity score: how many words they can use accurately. I won’t explain why they are connected… just know that when you can’t hear and can’t see, your clarity is about the same as a blind person’s… with an ear muff…
It’s a rare opportunity to go from innocent infant to all-seeing adult, being able to observe it at the same time.

When I first did the Landmark Forum, the koan of the session was: for you everything is the same as everything else, except that not always.

When you are an infant, for you everything is the same as everything else… no distinctions. No distinction between your body and the environment. You are just as ready to suck on your feet as you are ready to suck on someone else’s finger.

From time to time you’ll see something strange, like you reach out, as always, and your hands remain empty: the object you reach for is out of reach…

You learn the world, your world, slowly, and experientially. Through seeing, hearing, touching, tasting… like a baby.

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