Enslavement devices, beacons, etc. Tools of the Dark Practitioners

Enslavement devices, beacons, etc. Tools of the Dark Practitioners

A student of mine wrote to me to ask about his symptoms of stomach ache, nausea, etc.
I have been feeling crap since Friday, stomach upsets, diarrhea, severe indigestion pain up back, aching muscles everywhere, exhaustion and nausea. Today has been the worst and if I didn’t know better I’d swear it was flu! I was going to join the 6 pm webinar on Friday, but had to go to bed instead!

But I suspect maybe I need to throttle back somewhat on the subject line above? Could you kindly check if I should reduce/modify what I am doing – is this some type of detox, will it pass. Was really struggling to keep going today! I also started some Yoga classes on Thursday night, I think my friend who I went with said we were doing Vinsyasa Yoga, I did enjoy doing it and felt energized after the class. . By the way the eczema did pass as you said it would but was reasonably bad before it did – thanks.

I also sleep on an earthing sheet and have earthed mouse mat and floor mat at my computer. I have been using a (for some years) Tachyon Silica disk 4” which helps localized pain and upset, I also have one of these on my electrical distribution unit (breakers) to help mitigate EMF effects. https://www.tachyon-energy-products.com/ . Do I need to level the playing field, am I mixing too many things together?

I was thinking of switching all audios off and not taking any supplements or foods for 24 hours except water to see if I can reset?
I checked him and this was my answer:

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