Unless you understand why and how a spiritual practice works, you are just going through the motions.

This article is not about The Healing Codes… this article is about you. About you not taking the time and the effort to even understand what it is that you are hearing.

Your ability to translate hearing to seeing is weak. Why? Probably because being complete and thorough in anything is a rare capacity in humans… You think you understand and leave it at that. You don’t ask questions because you think that asking questions will make others think that you are stupid.

And you are right… they may think that… because they live in the same warped moronic world view as you do.

But intelligent people ask clarifying questions. Intelligent people look up the meaning of words. Intelligent people do experiments and realize that what they are doing is not likely what they are supposed to do… so they ask questions.

Intelligence, real intelligence is rare.

Intelligence is a behavior…
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