Free. from me to you: Liver cleanses… without smoothies, or any gimmicks… takes 3-5 minutes each time.

The recording is here…

I have been under the weather. If you are foggy, fat, tired, maybe you can join me in some free treatment?

This has been a trying winter, lots of cold, lots of snow, very little time spent going outside.

I feel weaker, and it feels like I am on my last leg. When I shared this with my friend from University, she was talking about reversing, and going to the doctor… but I was resigned. But what this conversation did to her: I didn’t like. And she is “just” a friend. And what this was doing to me… suddenly my sense of freedom is gone. I don’t read for pleasure… life in hell has returned to me in patches. Thank god not all day. But enough…

The perfect combination to be wide open to be the sucker in the room.

Something is wrong and it needs to be fixed… is the perfect state to render you the sucker in the room.
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