What is a DNA upgrade?

What is a DNA upgrade? Not the hokey stuff you hear about, but the one that is for real?

The internet is full of false prophets and it is in vogue to want to upgrade your DNA… none of those methods actually work… if you want, I can review them one-by-one… though I think it is a waste of my time and energy.

Now, about the “real” DNA upgrade… I wish I could find an expression that doesn’t have 11 million competing websites on google…

As I’ve said, the DNA is the blueprint according to which all cells are created in the body. In addition to the physical characteristics, your inclinations, talents, capacities are also imprinted in your DNA.

By large, all human beings have the same DNA… although we are all individuals, with individual variations on the same theme.

We have the same or very similar potentialities… but in a different combination and a different start in life, different influences.

We are born with the capacity for speak, language. We are born with the capacity to smile, to eat, to procreate.

In this regard humanity hasn’t changed much, and no amount of education seems to have made a difference: our whole nature is built on an animal chassis… both physically and emotionally.

We seem to have an enormous capacity for pretense: a tool for survival: the better pretender will be better thought of… and will go further in life, will get a better mate, etc.

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